While I’m on vacation this week the blog posts will feature a picture-a-day from my publishing past.

Here’s my space at Adams so this isn’t actually too far in the past. I’ve moved to a different cubicle since this pic was snapped (that looks like the old version of Twitter), but to me the point of this picture is the screen. A little better than my typesetting days, no? haha

Actually there’s usually an eReader or two or three open so it’s more like a multi-screen workplace in book design these days. But whether designing p- or e-books, I’m very happy and feel lucky to be working with my great coworkers and to be able to continue the conversation with my “cyber-coworkers.”

A lot may have changed in the world of book design and publishing in recent years, but the basics remain. Solid design skills. The love of words. Serving the reader. It’s going to be interesting where this road will end up going. I’m so glad to be sharing the ride with you.