Do you want to learn how to create an eBook?

Are you a print designer who is wondering how to make the transition to eBook production?

Have you started an eBook workflow but are looking to tweak it or expand your skills?

Help is here!

Digital Book World has made my conference article into a dedicated resources page. It’s called “Resources: Going from InDesign to Ebook.” It’s meant as a beginner’s guide that will help you build your own customized ePub toolkit and workflow.

Note: Although InDesign (CS4, 5, and soon-to-come 5.5) is popular software from which to start, you can choose to start with the editing or layout software you already have in place that contains the most up-to-date version of your content.

The resources page will be reviewed and updated each quarter. If you like to help improve it, please leave your suggestion in the comments below!

XML is beyond the scope of the resources page, but it should be considered when planning a publishing workflow. Anthony Levings is far more eloquent on this subject than I am. Visit his blog for a great introduction to this important topic.

Special thanks to @anthonylevings, @cdcasey, @eBookNoir, @lizcastro, @rcgordon, @neustudio, and @tinahender on Twitter for their input on the original article. Any errors or omissions are my own.