Are you involved in eBook production? Or do you want to find out what it’s about? Then you should check out the #ePrdctn hashtag on Twitter. That’s where many smart and generous people involved in eBook production hang out, swap tips, and answer questions. Just attach “#ePrdctn” to the end of a Tweet for it to be picked up by others following the #ePrdctn feed. Or simply follow the tag, no participation required … but we’re a friendly bunch, so say “hi.” And just like that, you’ll be part of a diverse and active community.

Most Wednesdays at 11 AM (Eastern Standard Time) we have #ePrdctn Hour: either a roundtable (open general discussion or sometimes a special topic kicks things off, feel free to jump in) or we have a guest who specializes in an area of eBook production (feel free to jump in after the guest is introduced and Tweets).

I find myself “favoriting” so many Tweets of tips and helpful links. Thought I could try to archive some of these #ePrdctn hours, so …

Here’s the #ePrdctn Roundtable discussion from today. It started with those of us who use Dreamweaver to edit ePubs. I’ve copied my own Tweets and screenshots below. And here’s the hour in a Word doc.

First, to set the record straight: I’m not using the WYSIWYG design preview to edit or preview. Only using DW in code view to edit. • Others have said this, I’ll just reiterate: DW can do weird stuff to code in design mode. And WYSIWYG doesn’t apply to eReaders. • Main reasons I use DW to edit ePubs is 1) I’m already familiar with it from learning code to built websites 2) It came with our CS. • So far DW has never given me issues. But I’m very open to learning other editing software, especially BBEdit, Coda, and Sigil. • So basically, I’m using DW as a big ole text editor. Here’s some tips on what I’ve found useful to know so far. • Disable “Blahblah is app downloaded from the internet…” in Terminal when opening unzipped HTML files. • If text in HTML opens as one big paragraph, go to Commands / Apply Source Formatting to auto break code into small paragraphs. • DW supports regex. BTW here’s a tutorial I have found useful for learning regex for code wranglin’. • I use regex to put div’s around a head & first para so heads don’t land alone at end of iBooks “page”:

Find and Replace searches on current doc or all open docs w/ window to see finds. Good consistency check:

And here’s my ePub toolkit (download here as a PDF). Subject to change as I get around to learning other ePub editing software:

If you weren’t able to join us and you use Dreamweaver to edit ePubs, feel free to leave any tips in the comments below.