Here’s a bit more behind my question I posted on Twitter tonight:

Shoulda mentioned that my export is from CS4. Also, not sure why my outsourced files had div=”chapter” instead of div=”story” as my own InDesign test export did, but the bottom line is that these div’s are adding a blank page in iBooks at the end of each file exported from InDesign. So far I’ve just noticed this on iBooks. It’s one blank page after each HTML file. The same eBook on my Sony eReader and Adobe Digital Editions did not have any blank pages. Here’s those trouble makers:

So far the only solution I have is to go into each HTML file and delete the div’s manually. And so it goes … adding another “to-do” to my ePub “to-do” checklist. I’m coming off a string of iPad-only eBooks but it’s still good to know for books that are destined for multiple accounts including the iPad.

Thanks to all who let me know on Twitter that CS5.5 is indeed still adding div’s to HTML files. My boss, Matt (who refuses to get a Twitter account), asked me to pose the question because we’re compiling a list of why we want to upgrade to CS5.5 to present at the next budget approval time. (Of course, there’s 10 other reasons why, but another reason doesn’t hurt. Oh well.) Also, Matt then told me to post that PDFs are eBooks. (He won’t let that go. But I still like him.)