09:00 AM: Check my email, make my work plan for the day

10:00 AM: Start fielding questions from our print designers who are now tasked to QA the ebooks that have been sent to the conversion house from their print files

2:00 PM: Notice that there’s a common thread to recent print designers’ QA questions; most can’t be answered even though I’ve conducted in-house ebook QA workshops because one vendor won’t play nice and yet they account for most of our ebook sales

3:00 PM: Contact my director and fellow ebook developer about updating our outsourcer conversion guidelines …

3:30 …again…

4:00 Go into my director’s office because IM’ing these QA questions is leading to confusion and general angst

4:30 Have a new plan regarding conversion guidelines and what (outdated) ereaders we will no longer support in favor of the vendor that won’t play nice

6:00 Wrap up my work day and wander home to decompress

7:00 Tell my husband that today was a good day because we highlighted issues that will be addressed

Moral of the story: Ebook QA is never done