Welcome to The Book Studio. My name is Colleen Cunningham and I’m an upbeat girl-geek who designs pBooks (print books) and eBooks (digital books). Publishing is experiencing a digital transformation and it’s all moving so fast. This blog is for recording ideas, projects, inspiration, highs and lows, and everyday life as a book designer.

The “Official” Biography

I’m an ebook Developer at F+W Media, Inc. After getting my start in newspaper and journal production, I found my home in book layout and design, focusing on trade non-fiction in categories as diverse as business, self-help, humor, and cooking. As a print book designer, I have found that having a strong sense of order, organization, and information hierarchy can be directly applied to ebook design. I transitioned to digital production full time at F+W Media and train layout designers how to integrate ebook production into existing print workflows.

You can also find me in these places:

I’m a member of AIGA and Book Builders of Boston.


If you’re looking for a speaker for Word-to-InDesign-to-ebook workflow issues, feel free to contact me. I’ve spoken at:

The “Unofficial” Biography

I live in the Boston area with my husband, step-son, and a cat named Ellie Mae. In my off-hours, I enjoy photography, cooking vegetarian, horseback riding, coffee houses, bookstores, Cape Codders, museums, day trips in the car, This American Life, debating the durability of IKEA furniture, my church community, running 5Ks, and practicing gratitude.

You can contact me at boston page pro (all one word) swirl gee mail dot com.

This is a personal weblog and the ideas written here are just that: ideas. I don’t claim to be an expert. But I dearest hope is that you’ll find the information here inspiring and useful. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer.