Those of us in publishing know what a deadline is. But do we know the flip side of deadlines just as well? The things that help us recover, recharge, stay healthy? As I’m getting older (and more wise?), I’m realizing that knowing both sides of this issue is important.

Usually my plan for making crazy deadlines is:

  • Eat … whatever is around
  • Exercise … are you kidding?
  • Work … nonstop
  • Sleep … whenever I drop into bed

I can sustain this for about a week before I need to go into recovery mode. But the next couple of months look busy with work and great opportunities and that means that I need a new plan. Actually, the new plan is the same old plan that keeps me healthy in “regular” times, with the work element still at nonstop and the sleep element adjusted a bit:

  • Eat … healthy (I usually make a big pot of soup and a big bowl of salad on Sunday nights to eat from all week)
  • Exercise … regularly (run 3x a week, exercise class at work, yoga stretches before bedtime)
  • Work … nonstop
  • Sleep … at least 6 hours a night

That means I need to be accurate, efficient, and energetic while I’m working to keep my deadlines. Which eating well and exercise can help. Kind of cool how that works. There are things that will need to drop out of my life for awhile but they can be added back in later. Like a clean house.

Also, I’m finding it’s worth it to put a few moments of relaxation on my daily to-do lists. Calming thoughts, breathing slowly, and relaxing for just a couple of minutes is a great way to recharge. This site is my latest bookmark: Don’t touch that mouse!

So that’s my plan and I’m hoping that by writing about it I’ll stick to it. What are your ways of keeping a fast pace during busy times?

May you all have a very productive (and sustainable) day!