This is part one of a three-part series called “change the view.” As I write the other parts, I’ll link to them there.

Twin, by Robert Ryman, 1966, MOMA, NYC [audio description]

“The artist imposed two limitations on his paintings: all are white and all are square. Working within these constraints, Ryman demonstrates the broad range of effects made possible by varying the type of paint, how it is applied, and the support.”

After a full day of ebook workshops early in 2013, I found that taking a break and sitting in front of this painting at MOMA to be a very relaxing moment.


I then started to notice that people walking by had one of two reactions: to laugh at it or to experience it.


Admittedly, it begs the question “What is art?” in a museum full of beautiful and fantastical pieces.


To me, it spoke of limitless possibilities that can still exist within boundaries.


Sometimes we crave something stimulating in order to recharge. A brand new view.

Other times, we simply want rest.


Rest in this view.